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Play Child Care & Kindergarten is a family owned & operated centre, with a friendly atmosphere.
We aim to provide a homely environment for children, families & staff to work & play together.


Operating in Belmont (Geelong) since April 2012

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About Us

‘We are Quality Early Years professionals who aim to create a safe & happy environment,
fostering each child’s development.’

Open Hours

We are open from 7am – 6pm Monday to Friday excluding all public holidays and a period of closure over Xmas/New Year. Our 4 YO Kindergarten Program runs from 8.30am to 5pm each day (with before and after Kindergarten care provided). 

Our 3 YO Kindergarten Program runs from 8.30-1.30 each day (with before & after Kindergarten care provided). 

Children's Rooms

Babies: 6 weeks to 2 years

Toddies: 18 months – 3 years

3 YO Kindergarten: 3-5

4 YO Kindergarten: 4-6

Staffing & Ratios

The majority of our Educators are Diploma Qualified or working towards this qualification, with 3 Bachelor Trained Teachers and a small number of certificate III trained Educators. 

Our under 3’s learning spaces have a minimum staffing ratio of 1:4 and our over 3’s learning programs have a ratio of 1:11 with additional educators ensuring consistency during breaks, planning time and staff leave. 

Our teams are supported by a leadership & management group who have different areas of expertise and specialised skills to provide support in all aspects of operation….

Our Team Leaders support their team in all aspects of day to day running of each room.

Our Educational Leader, Kara supports our team leaders to plan for and deliver a high quality learning and development program and supports teams to provide an inclusive environment for all children and families.

Our Director, Megan, supports all our staff in the general management of the service and provides a high level of support for all families…. families just beginning their journey into care, families who have been there done that, families who are transitioning from family day care or other LDC services and families who have been with us for many years.

Our Compliance Manager, Shell supports Pete with accounts & general management of the service, along with all staff & teams to ensure compliance across the service.

Fees & Invoicing

Our current Fees are $130 per full day and $67 for a half day (if available). Customer Account Statements are provided on Mondays and fees are payable in full on or before Tuesday each week for that week of care.

Most families are eligible for CCS (child care subsidy) which significantly reduces out of pocket costs. Visit the Services Australia website for further details on CCS. 

No fee is charged to join the waiting list, however a bond is payable to secure a place when offered. The bond amount is 2 weeks of the full fees for the number of days of attendance. This bond is refunded in full on departure from the service providing the family account is up to date and the required 2 weeks notice is given to cease care.  

Our Services & Programs

We provide quality care and education programs for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years in our long day care or our kindergarten programs. Children can attend in a full-time, part-time or casual capacity and we do not have a minimum requirement for days of attendance (with the exception of the registered 4 YO Kindergarten program which requires two days of attendance per week for funding purposes).

We also offer a 3 year old Kindy program that is registered in  in line with the state government’s rollout of 3 year old Kindergarten.

Our 4 year old registered Kindergarten program has been operating for 8 years. Our full time Bachelor trained Early Childhood Teacher, Zinnia plans and delivers a high quality, play based learning program. Our Bachelor Trained Early childhood Teacher Kara runs the program on Wednesdays allowing Zinnia time to plan her educational programs. The Kindergarten program runs from 8.30am to 5pm (with before and after Kindergarten care) 5 days a week, providing flexibility for families to attend any two (or more) days and drop off & pick up at anytime that suit their schedule between 7am and 6pm.  Please see full Kindergarten section below for further information about the Kindergarten Program.


Meals, Snacks & Food In General

Yes, We offer breakfast for our early risers, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack and drinks throughout the day (tap water and milk). All meals are prepared on the premises by our cook each day. Meals are made from fresh ingredients sourced locally wherever possible, supporting the local butcher and small business in Geelong. 

Our menu changes seasonally, with a two-week rotation of healthy nutritionally balanced meals. Meals are prepared by our cook/food safety supervisor, Vivianne and reviewed in conjunction with our Director, Megan.

We are experienced in working with families and children who have diagnosed allergies, anaphylaxis and intolerances and treat this very seriously. Before children are able to commence care we require an action plan from a medical practitioner and all other required documentation to ensure we can keep children safe whilst also providing adequate nutrition while in our care.

We are a nut free service and therefore we do not allow any foods to be brought into the centre (except in conjunction with details set out in a risk minimisation plan, on medical advice, and in exceptional circumstances only).

Enrolments & Waitlist

We currently have a waitlist for all our rooms. However, families who have a change of circumstances are only required to give 2 weeks notice to drop days or to cease care. When these spaces open up throughout the year, we go to our waitlist to fill them. Therefore it is important to be on the waitlist to be offered a space when it becomes available.  

There is no charge to join our waitlist, however the waitlist form becomes the enrolment form so must be complete in order to be offered a space. If your child is unborn at the time of submitting your waitlist, don’t forget to update us with further details once your bub is born. 


To arrange a tour of our service, contact the office on 5244 2224 to book an available time.  Waitlist forms are available to download at the top of this page which you can complete and return by email, alternatively you can print and return in person. We do have hard copies available in the office to collect if you prefer to avoid potential technological issues. 

Our Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Vision: To shape our future community.

Mission: To deliver quality early years care & education through collaboration, effective approaches and reflective practice contributing to our community and the future.


We believe it is important for children & families to maintain their identity & feel a sense of belonging in our service, while also having many opportunities for play and development.

We believe families deserve to feel secure in the knowledge their child will be safe in our care, whilst still having opportunities to explore considered risks and be challenged by their environment in all weather conditions.

We believe it is important to provide a welcoming physical environment that supports the way children learn best whilst enabling staff to easily provide the highest quality care & education for young children.

We believe quality care can only be provided by well trained, nurturing staff who feel valued in their role.

We believe developing professional & trusting relationships with children is our most important role, which will influence children’s mental health & wellbeing into the future.

We believe each family knows their child best & an honest partnership with families & the community ensures the best outcomes for children.

We believe we can provide a family centred service that represents the values of our local community.

Our Community Connections
Quality Rating: Exceeding in all 7 Areas (Dec 2021)

Play CC&K was rated as ‘exceeding’ the National Quality Standard in all 7 areas (and all 15 Standards) in December 2021. 

The Assessment & Rating Process highlighted our hard work & dedication to the Early Childhood Learning Community. It was a recognition that the service Play CC&K provides is above and beyond the standard that is expected. We are really proud of this rating and to the Play CC&K community for working together for over 10 years to achieve this success and provide such a wonderful envioronment for children to learn & grow. 

Our Leadership Team

Nikki: Owner/General Manager

Pete: Owner/Business Manager

Megan: Director of the Service

Shell: Compliance Manager

Kara: Educational Leader/3 YO Kindergarten Teacher

Zinnia: 4 YO Kindergarten Teacher

Team Leaders: Calsey, Emily, Chelsea, Hayley, Michelle, Georgie

Sustainability Leader: Nat


‘A few words from happy families

I just wanted to pass on the biggest THANKYOU to your amazing staff. I’m just so appreciative of the way they all go about things; they are just fantastic. I can tell that they genuinely care about my child and all of the other babies which has made the transition back to work stress free! 

 It will be sad saying bye to Play CC&K as it has been so great for all our kids over the last 7 years, they have just loved attending. So thanks to you and the extended team for making it so fun and enjoyable! 

You are the absolute best! We will miss the team at Play so much. Thank you for raising my little babies to grow up to be able to share, express themselves, show love and be gentle to other children. You ladies don’t know how valued you are.

Loved the birthday carnival, the kids had a ball. Great way to be able to get involved with the centre. 😊👍

Play is an excellent centre – and I’m a veteran user of daycare centres so I know good when I see it!! 

We absolutely love your centre and have enjoyed every minute, you have wonderful staff and the centre has a very happy and caring vibe. 

I feel so excited to watch my kids transition to their new learning adventures with such ease and confidence and credit their carers for being such wonderful and supportive examples. It is not just the children that have benefited from the caring community bound by Play CC & K but I too have found beautiful friendships with other families

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been having my little girl at Play CC&K. All the staff are so lovely, including yourself and your husband, and it has made a huge difference to her wellbeing since starting at your centre. THANK YOU! 

Thank you fro all the love and support you give us everyday. We are so lucky to be in such a wonderful daycare. 


‘frequent questions & their answers

Do you have a wait List?

Yes, we have a waitlist for all our rooms. Each child begins their journey  on the waitlist until the enrolment process is complete and until a place becomes available. Although our waitlist can at times be quite long, it is worth getting on the waitlist, it doesn’t cost anything to add your child’s name to the waitlist and we always go to the waitlist to fill spaces that become available.  We take new enrolments throughout the year, allocating spaces as soon as they become available. Families only need to give 2 weeks notice if they no longer need a day and people’s circumstances often change throughout the year leaving spaces for us to fill from our waitlist quite regularly. 

What are the fees?

From 1st July 2021 -30th June 2022 the fees are: $130 for a full day and $67 for a half day. 

*We are an approved service so you may be eligible for the new child care subsidy  (through the Family Assistance Office).
*full fees are charged for public holidays (with the exception of those that fall during our closure period.)

When are increases scheduled?

Fee Increases are scheduled for July each year, (however in some years it could be in January instead of July).  

What are the age groupings?

Babies: 6 weeks – 18 months/2 years
Toddies: 18 months/2 years – 3 
Kindy: 3-5                                                             
Preschool: 4-6

Do you offer a Kindergarten Program?

Yes, We have a Full Time Bachelor trained Early Childhood Teacher running the 4 year old Kindergarten Program. Please see full website section on our ‘Kinder Tick’ Registered Kindergarten Program. From January 2022 we will have a Bachelor trained Early Childhood Teacher 4 days per week for the 3 year old Kindy program.

Who is in charge?

We have two nominated supervisors managing the day to day operation of Play CC&K; Our Director, Megan and our Compliance Manager, Shell. 

In the absence of both nominated supervisor’s, the responsible person listed at the front entrance at that time will be will be in charge of the service. 

Do you provide meals?

 Yes, We offer breakfast for our early risers, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snacks and drinks throughout the day (e.g. tap water and milk). All meals are prepared on the premises by our cook each day, from fresh ingredients sourced locally supporting local butcher and small business where possible.

Our menu changes seasonally and is on a two-week rotation of healthy nutritionally balanced meals. It is overseen by our qualified cook Vivianne in conjunction with our Director.

Can I call or visit my child at the centre at anytime?

Yes, we encourage families to have good communication with staff at the centre, and we encourage families to be involved as much as they like. We work in partnership with our families to help settle and transition into care and make it as stress free as possible.  

What do your policies cover?

Our policies & procedures cover a range of areas to ensure safety & quality practices. An outline of our policies is provided in the family handbook and the full version is available for viewing in the reception area. 

What does my child need to bring?

A bag/backpack with plenty of spare clothes for messy and outdoor play, a sun smart hat for summer , a rain coat and gumboots in winter, any medications/creams if required, formula in a tin or in a divider container (bottle made up when needed or breast milk fresh or frozen for bottles (we supply cows milk) & any comfort items required (eg.dummy, sleep bag, comforters). 

Are the staff qualified?

Yes, all staff are qualified with (or working towards) formal children’s services training incl. Certificate III, Diploma, Bachelor of Early Childhood & qualifications deemed equivalent. 

Are you a Sunsmart centre?

Yes, we are a registered Sunsmart centre therefore we follow recommended Sunsmart practices.   

How do I get more information?

Email us at childcare@playcck.com.au or call us on 03 5244 2224

How much is the fee bond?

A fee bond is paid before your child starts care to secure your child’s place. The fee bond amount is equal to full fees for two weeks of your child’s booked days in care Eg.2 days per week 4 x 130 (fee per day) = $520 but if more days are added the fee bond will increase based on the number of days in care at that time. The fee bond will be refunded 2 weeks after your child has departed the service, providing that there are no outstanding fees and the required two week’s notice was given. 

How do I enrol my child?

Complete a waitlist/enrolment form and return it to Play CC&K.

Simply download from the top of this page or collect a hard copy waitlist/enrolment form from the office, provide all the necessary information & email or drop the form back to the service childcare@playcck.com.au or 121 Roslyn Road, Belmont. 

A fee bond is payable when your child is offered a place.

Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten Teacher

Zinnia is our 4 year old Kindergarten Teacher. Zinnia is employed full time and holds a 4 year Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood. Zinnia is in charge of planning and implementing a play based Kindergarten program for children in the year before school. 

The Kinder Tick

The Play CC&K Kindergarten program is registered as an approved Kindergarten service by the Victorian Government. The Kinder tick was developed to demonstrate to families which services are approved and are operating within the guidelines to receive government funding. All Kindergarten programs displaying the Kindergarten Tick (including stand alone facilities and long day care services) provide a play based Kindergarten curriculum and operate under the same regulations.   

Kindergarten Funding

Play CC&K is a registered kindergarten program and receives funding from the Victorian government. This funding is used to pay a Bachelor qualified Teacher and provide the necessary resources to operate a quality Kindergarten Program within a long day care setting. Normal fees are charged for children to attend the long day care service and the Kindergarten program is provided at no additional charge during their time in care. Most families are eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS), a rebate provided by the federal government to assist in reducing out of pocket costs. 

3 Year Old Kindergarten

From February 2022, Play CC&K will be offering two years of registered kindergarten for each child before school. The 3 year old kinder program will offer a minimum of 5 hours per week for each child and it will operate with a Bachelor Qualified Teacher and the same play based program as the 4 year old Kindergarten. As funding hours increase, the hours offered to 3 year olds to access the kindergarten program will increase to 15.  

Summary of our Kindergarten Program

Play CC&K kindergarten program is offered within a long day care setting. The service opperates five days per week and is open from 7am till 6pm, with a Kindergarten Teacher running the Kindergarten Program each day from 8.30am till 5.00pm.

The setting provides for a flexable interest and strength, play based learning environment where each of the children are planned for and regular reflective practice takes place to continue to build upon the childrens learning.

We work to build a strong sense of belonging and security within the program and have a strong belief that respect for each child and family is the key aspect in building these strengths.

The program is based around a sense of fun and joy, where the love of learning is inbedded and we work to build strong, confident and capable life long learners.

  • Bravehearts program
  • Bush Kinder
  • Responsible pet ownership program
  • Native animal program
  • Library
  • Hospital
  • Narana
  • Serendip Sanctuary
  • Mad about science
  • Barwon Water
  • Urban Upcycle
  • CFA
  • Police
  • Roslyn Primary School
  • Belmont High School
  • Melbourne Museum
School Readiness Program

We work with each child to assess whether they will be ready to transition easy and successfuly to school after there Kindergarten year. If we feel that your child is not going to be ready for school at the end of their first Kindergarten year, we will start discussions around this in term two and may recommend a second year of Kindergarten in order to be ready to progress in your child’s learning journey to school and beyond.

The aspects we are looking for in school readiness are:

  • Emotional maturity
  • Social skills
  • Language skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Physical health and coordination
  • Independence

We use a wide range of techniques to assess each child readiness and will engage with families to decide on the best path for their child.

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*excluding most public holidays & the xmas break

Registered Kindergarten Program

Registered Kindergarten Program